What’s the point in being married if you can’t get what you want? But what you actually want may be hidden in plain sight in what you already have! Learn how to change your marriage for the better, and along the way, how to change YOU. This is where you find it, Bible principles in practice like you have never imagined! God has great things planned for your marriage. So don’t miss it!

Jason Parham

Your Host

Jason is a passionate Christian, husband, father, author, teacher, and preacher. He has been happily married to the love of his life, Amber, for over 15 years. He teachers the Fixer Upper Marriage Class, hosts the Fixer Upper Marriage Podcast, and writes Christian self-help books. His relentless pursuit of God and his passion for marriage and the home make his teaching unique and relevant. He has faithfully served God through his home church for over 27 years.   

An Independent Baptist Church located in the beautiful foothills of South Carolina that has been standing for the truth for more than 80 years! The church is a beacon of hope for our community and incredible place to call home!  Our Pastor is Bill South.


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