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Doubt is a powerful enemy of faith that lives strong in the hearts of many Christians. I was one of its victims and this book details how I found my way out. Discover how you can find your way out. The timeless truths you will learn will transform your life and make you more effective in sharing the Gospel.

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It is a pursuit that so many professing Christians find themselves on, to know beyond every shadow of a doubt that you are saved. It is the one question that can cripple your walk with Christ. A Christian entangled in doubt cannot fully engage in worship, or experience the joy of telling a lost world about the Grace of Jesus. Some have never fallen prey to the vicious grasp of doubt; others are trapped in its unrelenting snares.

The escape route from doubt goes through the pages of the Bible. Although you may have complex questions and fears, the way out is simple. However, accepting how simple it is can be the hardest step to take. You must let go of everything you are holding on to, and let yourself fall into the waiting arms of Jesus. Let go of all your questions and anchor your soul in the redemptive work of Christ.

This is a simple book with profound eternal answers. May it become your map on the journey to full assurance.

1 review for Full Assurance: A Simple Tool for Gaining Real Assurance of Salvation- Buy from Amazon

  1. Linda Atkins

    I read your book in 3hrs. It was very enlightening. I love how you wrote it with scripture to go with your points. It covers the new babe in christ, to the saint who has been walking with the Lord for a while. Very encouraging to have. Wished i had it when i first was saved. Will share it

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