Painting Over Resentment and Hurt in Your Marriage

Nothing makes a house look nicer faster than a fresh coat of paint. You can also make your marriage nicer by painting over resentment and hurt...


How You Can Have a Great Marriage after Having Children- Adding on to Your Fixer Upper

Even though building on to your little fixer upper marriage is exciting and joyful, the changes it creates are astronomical in effect. You are no longer just husband and wife, but mom and dad. The little bundle of joy that you wrap up and bring home is a time bomb of change to a marriage. Today...


Confessions of a Flawed Husband

Confessions of a Flawed Husband Life is filled with ups and downs, highlights and low points, memories to relish and memories we wish we could forget. The mistakes we make define who we are and steer us toward our direction in life as well as in marriage. Mistakes can provide us with a building...


Getting Help for Your Marriage

Getting Help for Your Marriage One of the strangest things about marital problems is our aversion to getting help. I have witnessed many people who seemed to have everything together in their marriage, to suddenly file for divorce or announce their separation. We all make the collective gasp when we...


Does Your Marriage Really Need Fixing?

  Recently, God allowed our family to buy an “almost” new vehicle. My car was starting to become the quintessential “clunker”. I was seriously concerned every morning about making it to work safely, even though the trip is only 6 miles! Also, our primary vehicle had very...