Listen to the Fixer Upper Marriage Podcast where each week we learn something new to help “fix up” your marriage relationship, while drawing you closer to God and to each other! Windows are an important part of any house, as they can add security, add natural light, and create new spaces. Join us via live recording as we learn about three new windows you can add to your love.

Adding Windows to Your Fixer Upper

Three New Windows You Can Add to Your Love

Song of Solomon 8:6-7


Types of Windows

  • Security Windows
    • They have better locks.
    • You can add an alarm.
    • You can cover them with a shatterproof film.
    • Security bars can be added.
  • Skylights
    • They flood a room with natural sunlight.
    • It improves the look and mood of a house.
  • Bay Windows
    • They add extra living space.
    • They provide a nice place to sit and relax.
    • You can even grow plants in a bay window.

Adding Windows to Your Marriage

  • You have to see the need to change things.
  • You must put in the time and effort to make things better.
  • Lets looks at three windows that you can add to your marriage.

Three New Windows to Add to Your Love

1. Security Windows

Take the extra effort to secure your love.

  • Your love is worth whatever you have to do to protect it.
  • Consider the investment of love you have put into your marriage.
    • The years you have spent together.
    • The moments you have shared.
      • The honeymoon, the heartbreaks, the children you have brought into this world.
      • Do not throw your love away.
  • Understand that the thief wants to take what you have.
    • If the devil can destroy your love, he can minimize the Gospel message.
    • He wants to steal your love, your faith in God, and the message that your love gives to a lost and dying world!

Evaluate your love for any weak spots.

  • You may need to add extra security in certain areas.
  • For example, men are prone to be drawn away with their eyes.
    • Consider the incredible story of Samson.
      • Even though there were gorgeous women in Israel, he was drawn to the Philistine women because of what he saw.
      • A man with the incredible power of God was brought to nothing by a woman whose only power was in the way she looked and the things she did for him.
    • You may have to add extra security to protect your eyes.
      • You may have to put some bars on those windows.
      • You may have to put that shatterproof glass.
      • You may have to do some things that other people do not have to.
    • You need to fill your mind with things that are clean.
      • Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
      • Fill you thought life with things that protect your mind from sinful thoughts.
    • Live in a glass house with your spouse.
      • Do not have a secret life on your phone.
      • Do not hide things from each others.
  • You may need to protect your love from other people.
    • In the times of weakness in your love, the Devil will slip in that open window.
      • When the passion in your love life slowly fades out, you unlock your windows.
        • When you stop kissing each other, you leave the window open for someone else.
        • When you stop looking into each others eyes, you leave that window unlocked for someone else.
        • When you stop complimenting each other, you leave that window cracked open for someone else to slip in.
      • If you are tempted to have an affair, stay away from that person.
        • Do not follow them on social media.
        • Do not call that person.
        • Do not contact that person in any way.
        • You can become addicted to relationships and sex outside of marriage.
        • To break an addiction you have to take away the object of that addiction.
        • For example, if you want to stop smoking, do not buy cigarettes!
        • CLOSE AND LOCK that window in your love life!

Build your love with security in mind

  • Let your spouse become your “love” addiction!
  • Grab your spouse and kiss them like there is no one else in the world.
  • Lock those windows down so tight that nothing can slip in.
    • Song of Solomon 8:6 “Set me as seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is as strong as death;”
    • God created you to love your spouse, so make it so passionate that there is no room for anything or anyone else!

2. Sky Lights

Let the light from Heaven into your love.

  • Is there anything in your life that your have not fully surrendered to Him?
    • Let God have every area of your life.
    • Stop trying to hide things from Him.
  • Pray about everything in your marriage.
    • Tell Him all about your temptations.
      • If you are tempted to look at things you should not, tell Him.
      • If you are tempted to have an affair, tell Him.
      • You are not just cheating on your spouse, you are cheating on Him.
    • Talk to Him about the problems in your marriage.
      • He made you, so He understands you better than anyone else.
      • Do not keep secrets from Him.

Understand that He made you for more.

  • He did not make you just to take up space and exist.
    • Ephesians 2:10 “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”
    • He made you with a distinct purpose in this world.
    • Everything is designed in your life to bring you to that purpose.
    • He does not intend for you to fight with your spouse, but to make a difference in this world of 7.7 billion people!
  • Marriage is not an end, it is a means to an end.
    • Forget about the fairy tale ending where the wedding is at the end.
    • God is using your marriage to make you Holy!
    • God is intending for you to make disciples for Him.
      • He wants you to disciple those children.
      • He wants you to be able to disciple other people.
  • You lose your grip on God’s Will when your marriage is not right.
    • Your purpose is driven by your wants and needs instead of his will.
    • Distraction keep us from doing His will.
      • If you are busying fighting with each other, you cannot fight for Him.
      • If you are caught in the snares of Satan, you cannot serve God!
  • Your Marriage is really about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Open Your Marriage up to Him.

  • Pray about everything in your marriage.
    • Stop letting the Devil win in your marriage.
    • Invite the God of Heaven into every part of your marriage.
  • Pray together
    • Hold hands and pray together.
    • Enough is enough, let God help you.
    • Trust is in His strength to help your marriage.
  • Refocus on your relationship with God.
    • You are made to fellowship with Him.
    • Your relationship with God is more important than any other relationship.
    • As you each get closer to God, and then to each you are able to spread the power of the Gospel through your life.

3. Bay Window

Create a place to relax together.

  • Find the time to spend together.
    • Maybe you sit on the couch and watch a movie together.
    • Maybe you can go out to eat together.
    • Let go of your phone, and hold each other instead.
    • Forget about everything else and focus on what really matters.
  • Make your time together important.
    • Make it a priority to be together.
    • Plan on being with each other alone.
  • You can be together, but not together.
    • You can live in the same house but still be alone!
    • This is probably one of the biggest problems of our day.
    • Do not let love turn into this.

Become best friends.

  • “I am marrying my best friend” makes for a cute wedding saying.
  • However, living every day with your spouse as your best friend is a huge key to marriage success.
  • For example, my parents have been married for more than 50 years, and they have always been best friends.

Live in the light together.

  • You can get through anything together.
  • Even though your world may be falling apart you can hold each other hands and make it together.
  • Come into the light of God’s will together.



Three windows you can add to your marriage:

  1. Security windows to protect your love.
  2. Skylights to let the light from God into your relationship.
  3. Bay windows to spend time together in.


God has something amazing planned for your marriage.